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    @@ -408,38 +408,7 @@ of the JobManager, because the same ActorSystem is 
used. Its not possible to use
     ### YARN
    -- `containerized.heap-cutoff-ratio`: (Default 0.25) Percentage of heap 
space to remove from containers started by YARN. When a user requests a certain 
amount of memory for each TaskManager container (for example 4 GB), we can not 
pass this amount as the maximum heap space for the JVM (`-Xmx` argument) 
because the JVM is also allocating memory outside the heap. YARN is very strict 
with killing containers which are using more memory than requested. Therefore, 
we remove this fraction of the memory from the requested heap as a safety 
margin and add it to the memory used off-heap.
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    This will be in the general resource manager options from now on, I'm 
guessing? (this option and the next)


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