Github user suez1224 commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -95,15 +94,14 @@ public void writeRecord(OUT record) throws IOException {
                        throw new IOException("write record failed", exception);
    -           Object[] fields = new Object[record.getArity()];
    -           for (int i = 0; i < record.getArity(); i++) {
    -                   fields[i] = record.getField(i);
    -           }
    +           Object[] fields = extractFields(record);
                ResultSetFuture result = 
                Futures.addCallback(result, callback);
    -   /**
    +   protected abstract Object[] extractFields(OUT record);
    --- End diff --
    I am hesitated to make this change. There is no documentation in Cassandra 
code on how PreparedStatement.bind will do with the input fields. Although the 
actual code will serialize the fields values, and wont keep a reference, so 
it's Ok to reuse the fields array across invocation even if executeAsync is 
used. I would be still hesitated to do so because it's not stated in the 
Cassandra client document, so it might subject to future changes. I agree 
performance is a concern here, one way to improve it is to add a getFields() 
method to Row, so we can reuse it for CassandraRowOutputFormat instead of 
create a new Object[].


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