Github user pnowojski commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -169,7 +170,10 @@ public void open(Configuration parameters) throws 
Exception {
                public void processElement(Long value, KeyedReadOnlyContext 
ctx, Collector<String> out) throws Exception {
    +                   long currentTime = al.getAndIncrement();
    +                   ctx.timerService().registerEventTimeTimer(currentTime);
    +                   expectedTimeAndKey.put(currentTime, value);
    +                   expectedKeyAndTime.put(value, currentTime);
    --- End diff --
    What's the value of this `expectedKeyAndTime` mapping? because incrementing 
of the `al` counter, keys in the first map (`expectedTimeAndKey`) will always 
be unique and I think we can safely remove this second map.


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