Chesnay Schepler created FLINK-8743:

             Summary: Add annotation to override documented default
                 Key: FLINK-8743
             Project: Flink
          Issue Type: New Feature
          Components: Configuration, Documentation
            Reporter: Chesnay Schepler
            Assignee: Chesnay Schepler

The default value for some {{ConfigOptions}} is difficult to document as it 
isn't static. This mostly affects options that use 
{{System.getProperty("")}}, as for example 

To deal with this the generator has a special branch for selected options that 
overrides this default: 
if (option == WebOptions.TMP_DIR || option.key().equals("python.dc.tmp.dir") || 
option == CoreOptions.TMP_DIRS) {
        defaultValue = null;
(let's ignore for now that it just wipes the default and isn't setting it to 

This is pretty much hidden deep in the implementation of the generator. It 
would be better if we had a dedicated annotation 
{{@OverrideDocumentedDefault(String override)}} that options could be annotated 

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