Elias Levy created FLINK-8886:

             Summary: Job isolation via scheduling in shared cluster
                 Key: FLINK-8886
                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FLINK-8886
             Project: Flink
          Issue Type: Improvement
          Components: Scheduler
    Affects Versions: 1.5.0
            Reporter: Elias Levy

Flink's TaskManager executes tasks from different jobs within the same JMV as 
threads.  We prefer to isolate different jobs on their on JVM.  Thus, we must 
use different TMs for different jobs.  As currently the scheduler will allocate 
task slots within a TM to tasks from different jobs, that means we must stand 
up one cluster per job.  This is wasteful, as it requires at least two 
JobManagers per cluster for high-availability, and the JMs have low utilization.

Additionally, different jobs may require different resources.  Some jobs are 
compute heavy.  Some are IO heavy (lots of state in RocksDB).  At the moment 
the scheduler threats all TMs are equivalent, except possibly in their number 
of available task slots.  Thus, one is required to stand up multiple cluster if 
there is a need for different types of TMs.


It would be useful if one could specify requirements on job, such that they are 
only scheduled on a subset of TMs.  Properly configured, that would permit 
isolation of jobs in a shared cluster and scheduling of jobs with specific 
resource needs.


One possible implementation is to specify a set of tags on the TM config file 
which the TMs used when registering with the JM, and another set of tags 
configured within the job or supplied when submitting the job.  The scheduler 
could then match the tags in the job with the tags in the TMs.  In a 
restrictive mode the scheduler would assign a job task to a TM only if all tags 
match.  In a relaxed mode the scheduler could assign a job task to a TM if 
there is a partial match, while giving preference to a more accurate match.





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