Github user walterddr commented on the issue:
    Thanks @hequn8128 for the prompt review. 
    Are you suggesting we created the mapView parallel with the accumulator? 
The reason why I kept `DistinctAccumulator` is to act as a delegate to enclose 
the actual accumulator so that it can be passed around in the 
`accumulatorState` field without extending the arity.
    I guess if we separate the mapView with the accumulator. I guess I can 
separately create another field in the `accumulatorState` `Row` to store the 
`mapView`(s)... This way it might be easier to handle the "reuse same mapView 
for multiple different distinct agg function" case as we discussed in the doc.
    Another question is I was trying to reuse as much utility of dataview 
codegen as possible, as most of them are tightly coupled with the accumulators. 
I guess I can further refactor (which I already did quite a bit already).
    Please let me know if that's what you had in mind @hequn8128 


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