Github user yanghua commented on the issue:
    hi @tillrohrmann I think you should review this PR and add it to 1.5 
version as a hotfix. Because I just download the release-1.5 branch. And 
install it as standalone-session mode. But the general config in 
`flink-conf.yaml` can not let me access the web frontend with the JM server's 
remote IP(I access from remote node's browser), and I run command `netstat -anp 
| grep 8081` shows : 
    tcp        0      0    *                   
LISTEN      130475/java
    and the log print: 
    Rest endpoint listening at 127.0.0.:8081
    and the config item : `jobmanager.web.address` can not fix this problem, 
unless we add the config : 
    to override the default `localhost` value
    but this config item is not in `flink-conf.yaml`, and user may be not 
familiar with it.
    And I think if we do not change this config's default value, it will 
confuse users.


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