Github user zhangminglei commented on the issue:
    Since Saturday and Sunday, sorry for later.
    Thanks @zentol . I need confirm some points here with you before I getting 
start again with this issue.
    1. I have to create an actual quickstart project. Hmm, Is this a project or 
a maven module ? And where do I created for that ? If it is a project(sounds 
weird because all in flink belongs to maven module), I think I should use 
command in bash to create this project. And the bash command is ```curl | bash```. As the position for this 
project, Is it suitable put it to ```flink-end-to-end-tests``` folder ?
    2. Verification issue. verify that no core dependencies are contained in 
the jar file. I do not understand very well here. Is that mean we should check 
the jar file that no flink-core dependencies in the jar file since there is 
already have that in flink cluster set up.  If we still have flink-core 
dependency in the jar file, that would cause the jar file very big size.  I 
understand correct ? So, we need have a check here.
    3. The job could fail outright, yet the test will still succeed. I also do 
not understand very well. This means I need make the job 
```StreamExecutionEnvironment#enableCheckpointing``` in code ?
    If I am wrong, please helps me out here. Thank you in advance. @zentol 


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