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    +# Apache Flink cluster deployment on docker using docker-compose
    +## Installation
    +Install the most recent stable version of docker
    +## Build
    +Images are based on the official Java Alpine (OpenJDK 8) image. If you 
want to
    +build the flink image run:
    +    sh --job-jar /path/to/job/jar/job.jar --image-name flink:job
    +    docker build -t flink .
    +If you want to build the container for a specific version of 
    +you can configure it in the respective args:
    +    docker build --build-arg FLINK_VERSION=1.0.3 --build-arg 
HADOOP_VERSION=26 --build-arg SCALA_VERSION=2.10 -t 
"flink:1.0.3-hadoop2.6-scala_2.10" flink
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    Is FLINK_VERSION 1.0.3 only for demo purpose? Can we use a more recent 
version for demoing?


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