rkhachatryan commented on a change in pull request #10345: 
[FLINK-12484][runtime] synchronize all mailbox actions
URL: https://github.com/apache/flink/pull/10345#discussion_r353106996

 File path: 
 @@ -1433,35 +1423,16 @@ protected void init() {}
                protected void processInput(MailboxDefaultAction.Controller 
controller) throws Exception {
-                       holder = new LockHolder(getCheckpointLock(), latch);
-                       holder.start();
-                       latch.await();
-                       // we are at the point where cancelling can happen
-                       syncLatch.trigger();
-                       // just put this to sleep until it is interrupted
-                       try {
-                               Thread.sleep(100000000);
-                       } catch (InterruptedException ignored) {
-                               // restore interruption state
-                               Thread.currentThread().interrupt();
+                       syncLatch.trigger(); // signal that the task can be 
cancelled now
+                       while (task.getExecutionState() == 
ExecutionState.RUNNING) { // wait for the containing task to be terminated from 
the outside
+                               try {
+                                       Thread.sleep(50);
+                               } catch (InterruptedException e) {
+                                       LOG.debug("interrupted while waiting 
for state transition", e);
+                                       Thread.currentThread().interrupt();
+                               }
 Review comment:
   To my understanding, it **was** testing that task **can** be canceled even 
if some thread holds the `checkpointLock`.
   As now it's not possible (I think it shouldn't - please correct me if I'm 
wrong) the test now only checks that `task.cancelExecution` leads to shutdown 
when the lock is not being held.

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