Kyle R Dunn created GEODE-4726:

             Summary: Documentation is misleading with a multi-homed Geode 
                 Key: GEODE-4726
             Project: Geode
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: configuration
            Reporter: Kyle R Dunn

Trying to bind Geode to an arbitrary network interface (e.g. {{eth2}}), 
requires some non-obvious parameters to be set.  Some of these parameters 
appear to be unrelated to multi-homing entirely, yet are necessary for both a 
locator and server to start correctly.

For example, the {{--server-bind-address=w.x.y.z}} parameter appears to have no 
effect on the interface used by the server process;  however passing 
{{--bind-address=w.x.y.z}} to the server startup produces the correct startup 

Additionally, the {{--hostname-for-clients}} parameter appears to be required 
for certain Geode extensions to function once added to the {{CLASSPATH}} - in 
my case it was a propriety Pivotal extension (GGC). 

// The following script was used successfully on Mac OS to bind to the "last" 
interface listed by ifconfig (vmnet8)

rm -rf locator1 server1

export GEODE_HOME=/opt/pivotal-gemfire-9.3.0
export CLASSPATH=${GEODE_HOME}/lib/gemfire-greenplum-3.1.1.jar

gfsh <<EOF
start locator --name=locator1 --locators=[10334] 
--bind-address= --port=10334 --include-system-classpath 

start server --name=server1 --start-rest-api=true --http-service-port=28080  
--locators=[10334] --bind-address= 
--cache-xml-file=../config/ggc_cache.xml --classpath=${CLASSPATH} 


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