Bruce Schuchardt created GEODE-4995:

             Summary: ClusterStartupRule is inefficient when shutting down the 
                 Key: GEODE-4995
             Project: Geode
          Issue Type: Test
          Components: tests
            Reporter: Bruce Schuchardt

ClusterStartupRule is often used to create a locator and some number of 
servers, ignoring the locator started by DUnitLauncher.  This is inefficient 
but it's probably intentional and can be avoided by configuring the servers to 
use the DUnitLauncher's locator.

However, when shutting down the cluster it is managing ClusterStartupRule shuts 
down the VMs in order starting with vm0.  If vm0 happens to be the membership 
coordinator this causes membership to create a new coordinator in vm1 and 
causes distributed lock grantor state to also fail over to vm1.  Then vm1 is 
shut down, causing services to fail over to vm2. Etc.

ClusterStartupRule should be modified to shut down non-locator VMs first and 
then shut down locator VMs.

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