nabarun created GEODE-1926:

             Summary: The function peekAhead function puts the queue key into 
peekedIDs even though it was not in the batch to be dispatched 
                 Key: GEODE-1926
             Project: Geode
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: wan
            Reporter: nabarun

The function peekAhead peeks the serial sender queue and if its able to get an 
object in the queue, returns the object to the peek function to be dispatched 
and adds the key to the peekedIds list.

The peek function tries to make a heap copy of the object returned , but 
conflation may have kicked in the object may have been removed -  hence the 
object will not be placed in the dispatch batch.

However now the size of the peeked Ids and dispatched batch do not match, hence 
when the remove thread starts removing the elements from the key using the keys 
in peekedIds and using the size of the dispatched batch, there will be 
lingering objects in the queue because the size of dispatched batch is less 
than Ids that were peeked.

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