Barry Oglesby created GEODE-2002:

             Summary: The index is not used on a query with a where clause 
containing a parameterized key on a map
                 Key: GEODE-2002
             Project: Geode
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: querying
            Reporter: Barry Oglesby

This is the same as GEM-1026.

If an index is defined like:
<index name="instrumentTLAltIdIndex" from-clause="/instrument i, i.tradingLines 
tl" expression="tl.alternateReferences['SEDOL', 'INHOUSE_SEDOL']"/> 
And a query is defined like:
<trace> select i from from /instrument i, i.tradingLines t where 
t.alternateReferences[$1]='BFNY8K9' with bind parameter 'SEDOL'.
Then, the {{instrumentTLAltIdIndex}} index won't be used when the query is 

The message logged in the server log looks like (with {{indexesUsed(0)}} 
instead of {{indexesUsed(1)}}):
[info 2016/10/14 14:51:03.069 PDT  <ServerConnection on port 57074 Thread 2> 
tid=0x3e] Query Executed in 3.645424 ms; rowCount = 14; indexesUsed(0) "<trace> 
select i from /instrument i, i.tradingLines t where 
The {{CompiledIndexOperation generateCanonicalizedExpression}} method returns 
{{index_iter2.alternateReferences\[$1\]}} instead of 
{{index_iter2.alternateReferences\['INHOUSE_SEDOL'\]}}, and the 
{{AbstractMapIndex isMatchingWithIndexExpression}} method fails to match the 

The {{$1}} is generated by CompiledBindArgument generateCanonicalizedExpression.

Also, note that the trace logging is incorrect on any query using a map index.

The static query is defined like:
<trace> select i from from /instrument i, i.tradingLines t where 
This logs a message in the server log like:
[info 2016/10/14 14:29:58.145 PDT  <ServerConnection on port 56969 Thread 1> 
tid=0x3c] Query Executed in 54.36587 ms; rowCount = 16; 
indexesUsed(1):instrumentTLAltIdIndex-SEDOL(Results: 0) "<trace> select i from 
/instrument i, i.tradingLines t where t.alternateReferences['SEDOL']='BFNY8K9'"
The {{Results: 0}} part of the message is wrong. It should be {{Results: 16}}.

The {{IndexTrackingQueryObserver beforeIndexLookup}} method saves the 
{{IndexInfo}} at {{key=instrumentTLAltIdIndex-SEDOL}}, but the 
{{afterIndexLookup}} method attempts to retrieve it using 
{{key=instrumentTLAltIdIndex}}. The {{IndexInfo}} is not found, so its results 
are not updated.

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