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    -title: ODBC/JDBC Application Interfaces
    +title: HAWQ Database Drivers and APIs
    +You may want to connect your existing Business Intelligence (BI) or 
Analytics applications with HAWQ. The database application programming 
interfaces most commonly used with HAWQ are the Postgres and ODBC and JDBC APIs.
    -You may want to deploy your existing Business Intelligence (BI) or 
Analytics applications with HAWQ. The most commonly used database application 
programming interfaces with HAWQ are the ODBC and JDBC APIs. 
    +HAWQ provides the following connectivity tools for connecting to the 
    +  - ODBC driver
    +  - JDBC driver
    +  - `libpq` - PostgreSQL C API
    +## <a id="dbdriver"></a>HAWQ Drivers
    +ODBC and JDBC drivers for HAWQ are available as a separate download from 
Pivotal Network [Pivotal 
    +### <a id="odbc_driver"></a>ODBC Driver
    +The ODBC API specifies a standard set of C interfaces for accessing 
database management systems.  For additional information on using the ODBC API, 
refer to the [ODBC Programmer's 
    +HAWQ supports the DataDirect ODBC Driver. Installation instructions for 
this driver are provided on the Pivotal Network driver download page. Refer to 
 for HAWQ-specific ODBC driver information.
    +#### <a id="odbc_driver_connurl"></a>Connection Data Source
    +The information required by the HAWQ ODBC driver to connect to a database 
is typically stored in a named data source. Depending on your platform, you may 
 or [command 
 tools to create your data source definition. On Linux, ODBC data sources are 
typically defined in a file named `odbc.ini`. 
    +Commonly-specified HAWQ ODBC data source connection properties include:
    +| Property Name                                                    | Value 
    +| Database | name of the database to which you want to connect |
    +| Driver   | full path to the ODBC driver library file                     
    +| HostName              | HAWQ master host name                            
    +| MaxLongVarcharSize      | maximum size of columns of type long varchar   
    +| Password              | password used to connect to the specified 
    +| PortNumber              | HAWQ master database port number               
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    Let's initial-capitalize the second column.

> enhance database driver and API documentation
> ---------------------------------------------
>                 Key: HAWQ-1095
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HAWQ-1095
>             Project: Apache HAWQ
>          Issue Type: Improvement
>          Components: Documentation
>            Reporter: Lisa Owen
>            Assignee: David Yozie
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>             Fix For:
> docs contain very brief references to JDBC/ODBC and none at all to libpq.  
> add more content in these areas.

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