Graham Baecher commented on HBASE-17128:

Testing with G1GC enabled and the patches from HBASE-16616 and HBASE-16146, it 
looks like there's still a regression, though there's some improvement with 
those two patches. I wasn't able to trivially apply the patch from HBASE-17072 
so haven't included those changes yet.

It looks like there might be more than just these few patches affecting G1GC 
performance, but if possible, a backport of HBASE-17072 would be helpful.

My next step will be working on trying to isolate the performance difference in 
1.2.0-cdh5.9.0 between G1GC and default GC. Hopefully can narrow it down to to 
one or more of the likely commits you mentioned at the top.

> Find Cause of a Write Perf Regression in branch-1.2
> ---------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: HBASE-17128
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HBASE-17128
>             Project: HBase
>          Issue Type: Task
>            Reporter: stack
> As reported by [~gbaecher] up on the mailing list, there is a regression in 
> 1.2. The regression is in a CDH version of 1.2 actually but the CDH hbase is 
> a near pure 1.2. This is a working issue to figure which of the below changes 
> brought on slower writes (The list comes from doing the following...git log 
> --oneline  
> remotes/origin/cdh5-1.2.0_5.8.0_dev..remotes/origin/cdh5-1.2.0_5.9.0_dev ... 
> I stripped the few CDH specific changes, packaging and tagging only, and then 
> made two groupings; candidates and the unlikelies):
> {code}
>   1 bbc6762 HBASE-16023 Fastpath for the FIFO rpcscheduler Adds an executor 
> that does balanced queue and fast path handing off requests directly to 
> waiting handlers if any present. Idea taken from Apace Kudu (incubating). See 
> https://gerr#
>   2 a260917 HBASE-16288 HFile intermediate block level indexes might recurse 
> forever creating multi TB files
>   3 5633281 HBASE-15811 Batch Get after batch Put does not fetch all Cells We 
> were not waiting on all executors in a batch to complete. The test for 
> no-more-executors was damaged by the 0.99/0.98.4 fix "HBASE-11403 Fix race 
> conditions aro#
>   4 780f720 HBASE-11625 - Verifies data before building HFileBlock. - Adds 
> HFileBlock.Header class which contains information about location of fields. 
> Testing: Adds CorruptedFSReaderImpl to TestChecksum. (Apekshit)
>   5 d735680 HBASE-12133 Add FastLongHistogram for metric computation (Yi Deng)
>   6 c4ee832 HBASE-15222 Use less contended classes for metrics
>   7
>   8 17320a4 HBASE-15683 Min latency in latency histograms are emitted as 
>   9 283b39f HBASE-15396 Enhance mapreduce.TableSplit to add encoded region 
> name
>  10 39db592 HBASE-16195 Should not add chunk into chunkQueue if not using 
> chunk pool in HeapMemStoreLAB
>  11 5ff28b7 HBASE-16194 Should count in MSLAB chunk allocation into heap size 
> change when adding duplicate cells
>  12 5e3e0d2 HBASE-16318 fail build while rendering velocity template if 
> dependency license isn't in whitelist.
>  13 3ed66e3 HBASE-16318 consistently use the correct name for 'Apache 
> License, Version 2.0'
>  14 351832d HBASE-16340 exclude Xerces iplementation jars from coming in 
> transitively.
>  15 b6aa4be HBASE-16321 ensure no findbugs-jsr305
>  16 4f9dde7 HBASE-16317 revert all ESAPI changes
>  17 71b6a8a HBASE-16284 Unauthorized client can shutdown the cluster (Deokwoo 
> Han)
>  18 523753f HBASE-16450 Shell tool to dump replication queues
>  19 ca5f2ee HBASE-16379 [replication] Minor improvement to 
> replication/copy_tables_desc.rb
>  20 effd105 HBASE-16135 PeerClusterZnode under rs of removed peer may never 
> be deleted
>  21 a5c6610 HBASE-16319 Fix TestCacheOnWrite after HBASE-16288
>  22 1956bb0 HBASE-15808 Reduce potential bulk load intermediate space usage 
> and waste
>  23 031c54e HBASE-16096 Backport. Cleanly remove replication peers from 
> ZooKeeper.
>  24 60a3b12 HBASE-14963 Remove use of Guava Stopwatch from HBase client code 
> (Devaraj Das)
>  25 c7724fc HBASE-16207 can't restore snapshot without "Admin" permission
>  26 8322a0b HBASE-16227 [Shell] Column value formatter not working in scans. 
> Tested : manually using shell.
>  27 8f86658 HBASE-14818 user_permission does not list namespace permissions 
> (li xiang)
>  28 775cd21 HBASE-15465 userPermission returned by getUserPermission() for 
> the selected namespace does not have namespace set (li xiang)
>  29 8d85aff HBASE-16093 Fix splits failed before creating daughter regions 
> leave meta inconsistent
>  30 bc41317 HBASE-16140 bump owasp.esapi from 2.1.0 to
>  31 6fc70cd HBASE-16035 Nested AutoCloseables might not all get closed (Sean 
> Mackrory)
>  32 fe28fe84 HBASE-15891. Closeable resources potentially not getting closed 
> if exception is thrown.
>  33 1d2bf3c HBASE-14644 Region in transition metric is broken -- addendum 
> (Huaxiang Sun)
>  34 fd5f56c HBASE-16056 Procedure v2 - fix master crash for FileNotFound
>  35 10cd038 HBASE-16034 Fix ProcedureTestingUtility#LoadCounter.setMaxProcId()
>  36 dae4db4 HBASE-15872 Split TestWALProcedureStore
>  37 e638d86 HBASE-14644 Region in transition metric is broken (Huaxiang Sun)
>  38 f01b01d HBASE-15496 Throw RowTooBigException only for user scan/get 
> (Guanghao Zhang)
>  39 cc0ce66 HBASE-15746 Remove extra RegionCoprocessor preClose() in 
> RSRpcServices#closeRegion (Stephen Yuan Jiang)
>  40 923f6d7 HBASE-15873 ACL for snapshot restore / clone is not enforced
>  41 62df392 HBASE-15946. Eliminate possible security concerns in Store File 
> metrics.
>  42 293db90 HBASE-15925 provide default values for hadoop compat module 
> related properties that match default hadoop profile.
>  43 b1b5b66 HBASE-15889. String case conversions are locale-sensitive, used 
> without locale
>  44 4a8c4e7 HBASE-15698 Increment TimeRange not serialized to server (Ted Yu)
>  45 81c7620 HBASE-15663 Hook up JvmPauseMonitor to ThriftServer
>  46 0d75f5b HBASE-15662 Hook up JvmPauseMonitor to REST server
>  47 c099b61 HBASE-15614 Report metrics from JvmPauseMonitor
>  48 46b1efe HBASE-15621 Suppress Hbase SnapshotHFile cleaner error messages 
> when a snaphot is going on (Huaxiang Sun)
>  49 26cfccf HBASE-15236 Addendum to fix test failures.
>  50 b786db3 HBASE-15622 Superusers does not consider the keytab credentials
> {code}

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