stack updated HBASE-18110:
    Priority: Blocker  (was: Critical)

> [AMv2] Reenable tests temporarily disabled
> ------------------------------------------
>                 Key: HBASE-18110
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HBASE-18110
>             Project: HBase
>          Issue Type: Sub-task
>          Components: Region Assignment
>    Affects Versions: 2.0.0
>            Reporter: stack
>            Priority: Blocker
>             Fix For: 2.0.0
> We disabled tests that didn't make sense or relied on behavior not supported 
> by AMv2. Revisit and reenable after AMv2 gets committed. Here is the set 
> (from 
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eVKa7FHdeoJ1-9o8yZcOTAQbv0u0bblBlCCzVSIn69g/edit#heading=h.rsj53tx4vlwj)
> testAllFavoredNodesDead and testAllFavoredNodesDeadMasterRestarted     and 
> testMisplacedRegions in TestFavoredStochasticLoadBalancer … not sure what 
> this about.
> testRegionNormalizationMergeOnCluster in TestSimpleRegionNormalizerOnCluster 
> disabled for now till we fix up Merge.
> testMergeWithReplicas in TestRegionMergeTransactionOnCluster because don't 
> know how it is supposed to work.
> Admin#close does not update Master. Causes 
> testHBaseFsckWithFewerMetaReplicaZnodes in TestMetaWithReplicas to fail 
> (Master gets report about server closing when it didn’t run the close -- gets 
> freaked out).
> Disabled/Ignore TestRSGroupsOfflineMode#testOffline; need to dig in on what 
> offline is.
> Disabled/Ignore TestRSGroups.
> All tests that have to do w/ fsck:TestHBaseFsckTwoRS, 
> TestOfflineMetaRebuildBase TestHBaseFsckReplicas, 
> TestOfflineMetaRebuildOverlap, testChangingReplicaCount in 
> TestMetaWithReplicas (internally it is doing fscks which are killing RS)...
> FSCK test testHBaseFsckWithExcessMetaReplicas in TestMetaWithReplicas.
> So is testHBaseFsckWithFewerMetaReplicas in same class.
> TestHBaseFsckOneRS is fsck. Disabled.
> TestOfflineMetaRebuildHole is about rebuilding hole with fsck.
> Master carries meta:
> TestRegionRebalancing is disabled because doesn't consider the fact that 
> Master carries system tables only (fix of average in RegionStates brought out 
> the issue).
> Disabled testMetaAddressChange in TestMetaWithReplicas because presumes can 
> move meta... you can't
> TestAsyncTableGetMultiThreaded wants to move hbase:meta...Balancer does NPEs. 
> AMv2 won't let you move hbase:meta off Master.
> Disabled parts of...testCreateTableWithMultipleReplicas in 
> TestMasterOperationsForRegionReplicas There is an issue w/ assigning more 
> replicas if number of replicas is changed on us. See '/* DISABLED!!!!! FOR 
> NOW!!!!'.
> Disabled TestCorruptedRegionStoreFile. Depends on a half-implemented reopen 
> of a region when a store file goes missing; TODO.
> testRetainAssignmentOnRestart in TestRestartCluster does not work. AMv2 does 
> retain semantic differently. Fix. TODO.
> TestMasterFailover needs to be rewritten for AMv2. It uses tricks not 
> ordained when up on AMv2. The test is also hobbled by fact that we 
> religiously enforce that only master can carry meta, something we are lose 
> about in old AM.
> Fix Ignores in TestServerCrashProcedure. Master is different now.
> Offlining is done differently now: Because of this disabled testOfflineRegion 
> in TestAsyncRegionAdminApi
> Skipping delete of table after test in TestAccessController3 because of 
> access issues w/ AMv2. AMv1 seems to crash servers on exit too for same lack 
> of auth perms but AMv2 gets hung up. TODO. See cleanUp method.
> TestHCM#testMulti and TestHCM
> Fix TestMasterMetrics. Stuff is different now around startup which messes up 
> this test. Disabled two of three tests.
> I tried to fix TestMasterBalanceThrottling but it looks like 
> SimpleLoadBalancer is borked whether AMv2 or not.
> Disabled testPickers in TestFavoredStochasticBalancerPickers. It hangs.

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