junfei liang created HBASE-23160:

             Summary: The Dead RS May Remove compacted  files after recover 
from full gc
                 Key: HBASE-23160
                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HBASE-23160
             Project: HBase
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: regionserver
            Reporter: junfei liang

in our online cluster,  we found  daughter region's reference file can point to 
a nonexistent hfile.  so when is region is balanced,  the region open will be 
failed as FileNotFoundException, and  a lot of errors thrown.


how the problem happen

1.    Region R1 is on server S1, and it's has a compaction, say  storefile  sf1 
is compacted  into another file  at time t1.  

2.     S1 has a long full gc (in our case about 470s)  at t2  (t1 + 300s)

3.    R1 is offline from S1  after t2 + 180s,   rs zk session expired , so 
master thought the RS is dead and reassign the R1 to S2.

4.   S2 found R1 is too large so it make a split request, and R1 split into   
R2 + R3, both hold a reference to sf1.

5 .   the S1 finish the fullgc  t2 + 470s , and before it report to master,   
CompactedHFilesDischarger remove compacted file sf1 from R1 (R1 is still online 
on Server S1 )

6.   so R2、R3 hold a reference  to not exists storefile,and lead to the error 
we came across。


possible solutions:


1.   write WAL Marker before remove hfile from store

      as in SSH, the dead  rs log dir is deleted, so write wal marker will be 

      but is not absolutely reliable, because  rs can fullgc  after write the 
marker.  there is not way we do these two action  **  atomically.

       it's not 100% reliable , but it's simple...      

2.   a possible  reliable  solution

      when remove hfile from store dir,  first  move it to a RS-Level  special  
DIR,   and then move to archived dir. 

      and we delete the DIR in the SSH,so the  remove compacted files will be 
failed in the first step, it's reliable  but complicated. 





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