rdblue commented on pull request #983:
URL: https://github.com/apache/incubator-iceberg/pull/983#issuecomment-632331000

   @chenjunjiedada, I think what you have here works, but right now we have two 
sets of accessors (Spark and internal) and we would need more for other data 
   I think what we need to do instead is to separate the concerns. Accessors 
should understand structure and rows should return the correct value types. 
That way we can eventually move to use the same accessors and we will just need 
rows that correctly translate for StructLike.
   How about using a wrapper class like this one when passing records? Would 
that work?
   class InternalRecordWrapper implements StructLike {
     private final Function<Object, Object>[] transforms;
     private StructLike wrapped = null;
     InternalRecordWrapper(Types.StructType struct) {
       this.transforms = struct.fields().stream()
           .map(field -> converter(field.type()))
           .toArray(length -> (Function<Object, Object>[]) 
Array.newInstance(Function.class, length));
     private static Function<Object, Object> converter(Type type) {
       switch (type.typeId()) {
         case DATE:
           return date -> DateTimeUtil.daysFromDate((LocalDate) date);
         case TIME:
           return time -> DateTimeUtil.microsFromTime((LocalTime) time);
         case TIMESTAMP:
           if (((Types.TimestampType) type).shouldAdjustToUTC()) {
             return timestamp -> 
DateTimeUtil.microsFromTimestamptz((OffsetDateTime) timestamp);
           } else {
             return timestamp -> 
DateTimeUtil.microsFromTimestamp((LocalDateTime) timestamp);
         case FIXED:
           return bytes -> ByteBuffer.wrap((byte[]) bytes);
         case STRUCT:
           InternalRecordWrapper wrapper = new 
           return struct -> wrapper.wrap((StructLike) struct);
       return null;
     public InternalRecordWrapper wrap(StructLike record) {
       this.wrapped = record;
       return this;
     public int size() {
       return wrapped.size();
     public <T> T get(int pos, Class<T> javaClass) {
       if (transforms[pos] != null) {
         return javaClass.cast(transforms[pos].apply(wrapped.get(pos, 
       return wrapped.get(pos, javaClass);
     public <T> void set(int pos, T value) {
       throw new UnsupportedOperationException("Cannot update 

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