Max Shonichev created IGNITE-8138:

             Summary: Incorrect uptime in GG metrics for long running server 
node (1+ days)
                 Key: IGNITE-8138
             Project: Ignite
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: general
    Affects Versions: 2.4, 2.1
            Reporter: Max Shonichev
             Fix For: 2.5

Ignite prints a metrics to the log with uptime, formatted as 'XX:YY:ZZ:TTT'.
It looks, like XX corresponds to hours, YY to minutes, ZZ to seconds, however 
if we filter uptime metric from a long running server (few days), we would see 
that :

 ^-- Node [id=684d2761, name=null, uptime=00:01:00:009]
 ^-- Node [id=684d2761, name=null, uptime=00:02:00:009]
 ^-- Node [id=684d2761, name=null, uptime=00:03:00:009]
 ^-- Node [id=684d2761, name=null, uptime=00:04:00:021]
 ^-- Node [id=684d2761, name=null, uptime=23:58:08:391]
 ^-- Node [id=684d2761, name=null, uptime=23:59:08:393]
 ^-- Node [id=684d2761, name=null, uptime=24:00:08:395]
 ^-- Node [id=684d2761, name=null, uptime=24:01:08:406]
 ^-- Node [id=684d2761, name=null, uptime=59:59:23:542]
 ^-- Node [id=684d2761, name=null, uptime=00:00:23:554]

1. hours do not rollover at 23:59:59
2. there's no simple means for user to get uptime days, because hours do 
actually rollover after 59:59:59

what is expected: 
 1. add a day counter, init with 0
 2. make hours correctly rollover after full day (24hrs) run
 ^-- Node [id=684d2761, name=null, uptime=0:00:01:00:009]
 ^-- Node [id=684d2761, name=null, uptime=0:23:59:00:009]
 ^-- Node [id=684d2761, name=null, uptime=1:00:00:00:009]

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