--- Comment #3 from JJ Welch <> ---
Just checked r1765467

If I disable the checkbox and look at the raw jmx, the cacheKey is still
populated with a GUID. That makes me wonder how the does JMeter know to compile
or not compile that JSR 223. This is using an existing script.

If I make a new script and insert 2 http sampler, and 2 jsr 223 samplers the
behavior is different.

Enable compilation on the first JSR 223. Looking at the jmx reveals that one
has a cacheKey and the 2nd does not. Looking at the gui the first is checked
and the 2nd is not. This behavior matches expectations.

Reverse it to 1st disabled, and 2nd enabled, works as expected. 1st has no
cacheKey and the 2nd does.

Enabling both also works as expected. Each JSR 223 element has a unique

Now I must investigate why my old script does not work as expected.

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