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(In reply to Philippe Mouawad from comment #3)
> Hello,
> Can you open another bugzilla for the ability to remove a header.
> Do you have an idea how we could ergonomically propose that ?

I will open a new one. Yes, I have some ideas. We need basically to add a third
column in the pane with the label "Action". An enum with "Add", "Replace" and

"Add": Adds a header value even is already present in the parent or in the
child. Multiple header values are valid.
"Replace": Replaces the (all) previous header value(s) with this value.
"Remove": Removes one distinct matching header value or if left blank, all

Make sense?

> Note that Content-Type is set by HC4 in some cases.

Which are? I will remove them right away because the use has to be in control
of this.

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