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> thanks for the shout. so the services facebook, font cannot be excluded due
> to the nature of how the application is developed. We have to live with it
> at least for the time been.

But it seems, that you are not doing anything with those requests. For example
the mozilla site request -- the first sampler -- is usually sent by a browser
to check whether you have internet access. The test doesn't check the result
nor uses it anything from it. Why do you have to make the request in this test?

> Thread dumps for VM1 and VM3 are attached herewith. 

There are "RMI Reaper" threads that are not stopping. I found an old mail
thread, in which sebb chimed in posted a solution for this -- which is already
be implemented in JMeter. Bugzilla Id 50659, git commit

But this is done on the controlling node, if I interpret the code correctly and
your worker nodes seem to be hanging. So maybe we have to add such a workaround
on the workers, too.

What is strange, is that your logs from the workers seem to be incomplete.
There should be info about started threads and RMI and such. Are there any
other new files generated on the worker nodes or the controlling node? hprof
files, log files, anything?

> Thanks.

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