Bug ID: 64075
           Summary: Japanease Shift-JIS string contain some specific
                    character cause text broken at script recording.
           Product: JMeter
           Version: 5.2.1
          Hardware: PC
            Status: NEW
          Severity: critical
          Priority: P2
         Component: HTTP
  Target Milestone: JMETER_6.0.0

Created attachment 36964
Sample case of Shift-JIS text broken.

JMeter5.2 fixed Japanease Shift-JIS problem, by setting Encode at script
record. as #63130.

But Japanease Character that contain some specific character like "新" case,
text broke.

I attached sample case as JSP file.
It's file run on tomcat, and setting encoding as "Shift-JIS" at JMeter, then
record sample case, it cause text broken.

I think it is due to difference of encoding specification of browser and Java.
I replace encoding library to apache encoding library, it can resolve.

We already create fixed patch, if it recognize bug, we will pull request this

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