Adar Dembo created KUDU-1885:

             Summary: Master caches DNS name resolution forever
                 Key: KUDU-1885
             Project: Kudu
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: master
    Affects Versions: 1.3.0
            Reporter: Adar Dembo

TSDescriptor::GetTSAdminProxy() and TSDescriptor::GetConsensusProxy() will 
return the same proxy instances over and over. Normally, this is a reasonable 
optimization. But suppose the IP address of the tserver changes (due to a DHCP 
lease expiring or some such). Now these methods will be returning unusable 
proxies, and there's no way to "reset" them.

Admittedly this scenario is a little contrived: if a tserver's IP address 
suddenly changes, a bunch of other stuff will break too. The tserver will 
probably need to be restarted (since it's bound to a socket whose address no 
longer exists), and consensus may be thoroughly wrecked due to built-in 
host/port assumptions (see KUDU-418).

An issue like this was reported by a user in Slack, who was running a master 
and tserver on the same box. The symptom was "half-open" communication between 
them: the tserver could heartbeat to the master, but the master could not send 
RPCs to the tserver.

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