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+Docker for Kylin is convenient for users to quickly try Kylin, as well as for 
developers to debug and verify code modifications.
+In the image, including:
+* Jdk 1.8
+* Hadoop 2.7.0
+* Hive 1.2.1
+* Hbase 1.1.2
+* Spark 2.3.1
+* Zookeeper 3.4.6
+* Mysql
+* Maven 3.6.1
+## Build image
+Execute the following command to build image
+sh build_image.sh
+This operation may last for several tens of minutes due to the download of the 
installation package.
+## Launch container
+After image built, execute
+sh run_container.sh
+to launch container which will automatically start the following services:
+* Mysql
+* NameNode
+* DataNode
+* ResourceManager
+* NodeManager
+* HMaster
+Then execute command [docker 
exec](https://docs.docker.com/engine/reference/commandline/exec/) to run 
command in then running Kylin container.
+## For user to try Kylin
+All Kylin service dependences are ready, just need to download Kylin release 
binary from http://kylin.apache.org/download/ and start Kylin service.
+For example:
+cd /home/admin
+tar -zxvf apache-kylin-3.0.0-alpha2-bin-hbase1x.tar.gz
+cd apache-kylin-3.0.0-alpha2-bin-hbase1x
+bin/kylin.sh start
+## For developer to debug and verify
+When building image, the latest kylin source code will be copied to 
+Execute the following commands to do package:
+cd /home/admin/kylin_sourcecode
+After the package is complete, use the package in 
`/home/admin/kylin_sourcecode/dist` to start the Kylin service.
+You can also run CI inside the container:
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