rmannibucau commented on PR #381:
URL: https://github.com/apache/maven-resolver/pull/381#issuecomment-1829547178

   > This is the ONLY option that produces "clean" Java8 artifact usable in 
downstream projects that use enforcer (like Maven is).
   Once again, this is due to an enforcer bug so a not really a point.
   Also note it is not the only version, I explained you how on slack and 
github (with 2 artifacts).
   > it works
   I explained you it does if you limit the downstream consumers to maven, you 
said it was not the case (agree on that) so it does *NOT* work.
   > does not impose any "workarounds" is really just a drop-in (no hacks 
   No hack needed with all in one and mjar-free option too, only enforcer can 
throw a false positive and it is trivial to solve so.
   > even offers downstream clients choice what to consume (it is not only 
Maven that consumes this library)
   Literally the opposite
   I'm quite lost cause you explain the best solution is exactly what you don't 
reach with mjar..

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