Mao Geng created MESOS-6169:

             Summary: --docker_config doesn't work with 
                 Key: MESOS-6169
             Project: Mesos
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: docker
    Affects Versions: 1.0.0
            Reporter: Mao Geng

We are using AWS ECR as docker registry and using to get credential 

As amazon-ecr-credential-helper required, we set a .docker/config.json file 
like below: 
    "credsStore": "ecr-login",
    "auths": {
        "": {
According to the "credsStore" field, docker engine will invoke a 
"docker-credential-ecr-login" command (which we've installed into /usr/bin/) to 
get registry credential whenever required, for example when executing docker 
This works fine when we tar the .docker/config.json and use uris prarameter to 
pull the tar.gz file for every task using docker image. 

But when I try the new --docker_config option, it doesn't work. The task failed 
to pull the image from ECR. The error message is 
Failed to launch container: Failed to run 'docker -H 
unix:///var/run/docker.sock pull<image_name>:latest': exited with 
status 1; stderr='WARNING: Error loading config file:/tmp/28Vd2O/.dockercfg - 
The Auth config file is empty unauthorized: authentication required '

Checked the source at, but don't 
understand why above errors message says loading a temp .dockercfg file, which 
doesn't exist btw. I assume mesos should pull the image using the config.json 
file I set to --docker_config, right? 

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