Qian Zhang created MESOS-6215:

             Summary: Add support for opaque whiteout (.wh..wh..opq) in 
                 Key: MESOS-6215
                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MESOS-6215
             Project: Mesos
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: Qian Zhang
            Assignee: Qian Zhang

In a Docker image, there can be a opaque whiteout entry (a file with the name 
{{.wh..wh..opq}}) under a directory which indicates all siblings under that 
directory should be removed. But currently Mesos provisioner does not support 
to handle such opaque whiteout entry which will cause launching container with 
some Docker images fails, e.g.:
$ sudo src/mesos-execute --master= --name=test 
--docker_image=rabbitmq --command="sleep 100"
I0921 09:22:05.167716 15522 scheduler.cpp:176] Version: 1.1.0
I0921 09:22:05.172436 15541 scheduler.cpp:465] New master detected at 
Subscribed with ID 7ab88509-c068-46b3-b8be-4817e5170a7e-0000
Submitted task 'test' to agent '7ab88509-c068-46b3-b8be-4817e5170a7e-S0'
Received status update TASK_FAILED for task 'test'
  message: 'Failed to launch container: Failed to remove whiteout file 
 No such file or directory'
  source: SOURCE_AGENT

Check OCI image spec for more details about opaque whiteout:

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