Andrei Budnik created MESOS-8247:

             Summary: Executor registered message is lost
                 Key: MESOS-8247
             Project: Mesos
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: Andrei Budnik

h3. Brief description of successful agent-executor communication.
Executor sends `RegisterExecutorMessage` message to Agent during initialization 
step. Agent sends a `ExecutorRegisteredMessage` message as a response to the 
Executor in `registerExecutor()` method. Whenever executor receives 
`ExecutorRegisteredMessage`, it prints a `Executor registered on agent...` to 
stderr logs.

h3. Problem description.
The agent launches built-in docker executor, which is stuck in `STAGING` state.
stderr logs of the docker executor:
I1114 23:03:17.919090 14322 exec.cpp:162] Version: 1.2.3
It doesn't contain a message like `Executor registered on agent...`. At the 
same time agent received `RegisterExecutorMessage` and sent `runTask` message 
to the executor.

stdout logs consists of the same repeating message:
Received killTask for task ...
Also, the docker executor process doesn't contain child processes.

Currently, executor [doesn't 
 to launch a task if it is not registered at the agent, while [task 
 doesn't have such a check.

It looks like `ExecutorRegisteredMessage` has been lost.

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