Benjamin Mahler created MESOS-8571:

             Summary: Webui pailer stops paging if a line is bigger than 8*4096 
                 Key: MESOS-8571
             Project: Mesos
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: webui
            Reporter: Benjamin Mahler

Reported by [], there appears to be a bug in the 
pailer when the entire chunk that's been paged does not contain a newline.

An example log file contained a line that is 63319 bytes long, and the pailer 
chunk size is only 32768 bytes. The pailer tries to truncate everything in 
front of the first newline in the chunk, but since there isn't one in this 
case, the entire chunk gets truncated:

Not sure what the fix is here, maybe to keep reading until we see a newline 
(seems problematic in the case that there's a huge amount of data with no 
newlines), or to just display the whole chunk in this case without any newlines 
(not sure if there will be any display bugs here).

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