Meng Zhu created MESOS-9940:

             Summary: Framework removal may lead to inconsistent task states 
between master and agent.
                 Key: MESOS-9940
             Project: Mesos
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: master
            Reporter: Meng Zhu

When a framework is removed from the master (say due to disconnection), master 
sends a `ShutdownFrameworkMessage` to the agent. At the same time, master would 
transition the task status to e.g. KILLED. 

When agent got the shutdown message, it would try to shutdown all the executor 
and destroy all the containers. The tasks' status is updated after all these 
are done. 

However, if the executor shutdown gets stuck (e.g. due to hanging docker 
daemon), the task status transition will never happen. And master and agent 
will have diverged view of these tasks.

One consequence is that masters may try to schedule more workloads onto the 
problematic agent (because it thinks those task resources are freed up). Since 
we do not have overcommit check on agent, agent will comply and launch those 
tasks. This will lead to over-allocation.

One possible solution is to hold on the master status update until the agent is 
done with the framework shutdown.

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