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    +# Apache Metron Bundles
    +Apache Metron Bundles and this documentation are a derivitave of the 
[Apache Nifi](http://www.nifi.apache.org) 
    +When software from many different organizations is all hosted within
    +the same environment, Java ClassLoaders quickly
    +become a concern. If multiple components have a dependency on the same
    +library but each depends on a different
    +version, many problems arise, typically resulting in unexpected
    +behavior or `NoClassDefFoundError` errors occurring.
    +In order to prevent these issues from becoming problematic, Apache NiFi
    +introduces the notion of a NiFi Archive, or NAR.  The Apache Metron 
project has adapted and extended the NAR system as
    +Apache Metron Bundles.
    +A BUNDLE allows several components and their dependencies to be packaged
    +together into a single package.
    +The BUNDLE package is then provided ClassLoader isolation from other 
    +packages. Developers should always deploy their Apache Metron Extensions 
as BUNDLE packages.
    +To achieve this, a developer creates a new Maven Artifact, which we
    +refer to as the BUNDLE artifact. The packaging is
    +set to `bundle`. The `dependencies` section of the POM is then created so
    +that the BUNDLE has a dependency on all Extension Components that are to 
be included within the BUNDLE.
    +In order to use a packaging of `bundle`, we must use the 
`bundles-maven-plugin` module.
    +This is included by adding the following snippet to the bundle's pom.xml:
    +    <plugins>
    +        <plugin>
    +            <groupId>org.apache.metron</groupId>
    +            <artifactId>bundles-maven-plugin</artifactId>
    +            <version>0.4.0</version>
    +            <extensions>true</extensions>
    +        </plugin>
    +    </plugins>
    +The bundles-maven-plugin is included in the projects created by Apache 
Metron Extension maven archetypes.
    +The BUNDLE is able to have one dependency that is of type `bundle`. If more
    +than one dependency is specified that is of type
    +`bundle`, then the bundles-maven-plugin will error. If BUNDLE A adds a
    +dependency on BUNDLE B, this will *not* result in
    +BUNDLE B packaging all of the components of BUNDLE A. Rather, this will add
    +a `Bundle-Dependency-Id` element to the `MANIFEST.MF`
    +file of BUNDLE A. This will result in setting the ClassLoader of BUNDLE B 
    +the Parent ClassLoader of BUNDLE A. In this case,
    +we refer to BUNDLE B as the _Parent_ of BUNDLE A.
    +## Per-Instance ClassLoading
    +The bundles-lib provides the `@RequiresInstanceClassLoading` annotation to 
further expand and isolate the libraries
    +available on a component’s classpath. You can annotate a extension class 
with `@RequiresInstanceClassLoading`
    +to indicate that the instance ClassLoader for the component requires a 
copy of all the resources in the
    +component's BUNDLE ClassLoader. When `@RequiresInstanceClassLoading` is 
not present, the
    +instance ClassLoader simply has it's parent ClassLoader set to the BUNDLE 
ClassLoader, rather than
    +copying resources.
    +Because @RequiresInstanceClassLoading copies resources from the BUNDLE 
ClassLoader for each instance of the
    +extension, use this capability judiciously in an environment where many 
extensions may be present. If ten instances of one extension are created, all 
    +from the component's BUNDLE ClassLoader are loaded into memory ten times. 
This could eventually increase the
    +memory footprint significantly when enough instances of the component are 
    +## Apache VFS 
    +The bundles-lib utilizes the Apache VFS library to for loading bundles.  
Bundles, what are zip files of a known structure, containing 
    +jars of dependencies may be loaded by VFS as File Systems *themselves*, 
and in tern each jar in the bundle can be loaded by VFS as a File System.
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    editorial nits: "to for loading", "what are zip files", "in tern"

> Create a plugin system for Metron based on 'NAR'
> ------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: METRON-777
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/METRON-777
>             Project: Metron
>          Issue Type: New Feature
>            Reporter: Otto Fowler
>            Assignee: Otto Fowler
> The success of the Metron project will be greatly dependent on community 
> participation, and with that the ability to adapt and extend Metron without 
> having to maintain a fork of the project.
> As organizations and individuals look to extend the Metron system with custom 
> parsers, enrichments, and stellar functions that may be proprietary in 
> nature, the ability to develop and deploy these extensions outside the Metron 
> code base is critically important.
> To that end, and after community discussion and proposal we create or 
> formalize the 'plugin' development story in Metron.  
> The proposal is to adapt the Apache Nifi NAR system for use in Metron.  This 
> will provide the system with:
> * archetype(s) for developer projects and independent development
> * defined packaging and metadata for 'plugin' products
> * loading and instantiation with classloader isolation capabilities
> * removing the necessity for shading plugin jars
> These capabilities will also enable other features, such as plugin lifecycle, 
> plugin configuration+redeployment, and other things.
> The plugin archetypes and their installation will be a followon

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