Jon Zeolla created METRON-447:

             Summary: Monit fails to reload when upgrading from 0.2.0BETA to 
                 Key: METRON-447
             Project: Metron
          Issue Type: Improvement
            Reporter: Jon Zeolla

As of commit 
 `/etc/monit.d/enrichment-elasticsearch.monit` was renamed to 
`/etc/monit.d/indexing-elasticsearch.monit`, however the old file isn't removed 
via ansible, which causes the below error during an upgrade:

`Starting monit: /etc/monit.d/enrichment-elasticsearch.monit:18: Service name 
conflict, enrichment already defined 

Not sure of other downstream impacts, but the remedy I suggest is to modify 
`/etc/monit.conf:23` to be more specific (`include /etc/monit.d/*.monit` and 
rename `/etc/monit.d/logging`?) and rename 
`/etc/monit.d/enrichment-elasticsearch.monit` to append a backup string as a 
part of the run.  

Alternatively, we could just add a `state: absent` to 
`incubator-metron/metron-deployment/roles/monit/tasks/monit-definitions.yml` to 
delete the old file, if it exists.  

Looking for feedback on the approach, but happy to fix this myself and submit a 

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