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    That is awesome.  Thank you.
    I have been looking at the bro test and getting the failures, but I haven’t
    gotten hits inside the IP Validator, so i’m a few steps behind.
    I will take care of your pull request right way.
    The good news, is in true ‘learning by carnage’ fashion, I know know a bit
    about the integration tests ;)
    On October 13, 2016 at 09:43:23, Casey Stella (notificati...@github.com)
    I figured out what was going on with this PR and it's kinda interesting, so
    forgive the long-winded explanation.
    @ottobackwards <https://github.com/ottobackwards> is indeed right, it is
    not apparent why his PR about a FieldTransformation and Stellar Function
    would affect the YafIntegrationTest. Unfortunately, it became apparent when
    it consistently failed on this PR in both travis and locally that something
    was happening.
    It turns out the problem is here
    The keen observer will notice in the global config we are ensuring that the
    src_ip_addr and dst_ip_addr are valid IP addresses for the integration
    tests. This, of course, is a typo (that I made :P ). The correct field
    names are ip_src_addr and ip_dst_addr.
    Now, you may ask:
       - How has this ever worked?
       - Given that it did work before, why is it broken now?
    Well, for the first question, it was never correct in the integration
    tests, but since we did not exercise the situation where we send in invalid
    IP addresses. Furthermore, the default behavior for fields which do not
    exist is to return true (probably wrong).
    For the second question, @ottobackwards <https://github.com/ottobackwards>
    has changed the default behavior for fields which do not resolve is to
    return false (almost assuredly right).
    For clarity to show how I go about debugging these problems, I'll be rather
    explicit in how I figured out what was happening:
       - In my git branch, I added @ottobackwards
       <https://github.com/ottobackwards> 's repo as a remote repo and checked
       out the branch:
          - git remote add otto
          - git checkout otto/METRON-424
          - git branch METRON-424-debug
          - git checkout METRON-424-debug
       - In Intellij, I ran the YafIntegrationTest to verify that it continued
       to fail
       - I set breakpoints at the exit points of the ParserBolt:
          - Line 135
          - Line 147
          - Line 131
       - It became apparent that we were exiting because the message was not
       valid. I then set breakpoints inside of @ottobackwards
       <https://github.com/ottobackwards> 's code and validated that it was
       doing the right thing, but the fields were coming in as null, which
       means the fields were not in the message.
       - I tracked the global.json down and looked at the field names and there
       the bug became apparent.
    I submitted a PR to your PR branch, @ottobackwards
    <https://github.com/ottobackwards>, so if you merge that in, the build
    *should* work (fingers crossed ;)
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> Stellar fieldValidation "IP" does not support list values
> ---------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: METRON-424
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/METRON-424
>             Project: Metron
>          Issue Type: Bug
>            Reporter: Neha Sinha
> Currently, stellar fieldValidation *IP* accepts only single string 
> value.However we need the ability to specify a list of values,say, we want to 
> validate ip_dst_addr to be of either IPV4 or IPV6 type. This feature needs to 
> be incorporated.
> Desired Behaviour :- User should be able to configure ip validation as below 
> :-
> GLOBAL Config: global
> {
>   "es.clustername": "metron",
>   "es.ip": "metron-test1-10.openstacklocal",
>   "es.port": "9300",
>   "es.date.format": "yyyy.MM.dd.HH",
>   "fieldValidations" : [
>               {
>                 "input" : [ "ip_dst_addr" ],
>                 "validation" : "IP",
>                 "config" : {
>                     "type" : ["IPV6","IPV4"]
>                            }
>               }
>                        ]
> }

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