Mark Bean created NIFI-4907:

             Summary: Provenance authorization refactoring
                 Key: NIFI-4907
             Project: Apache NiFi
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: Core Framework
    Affects Versions: 1.5.0
            Reporter: Mark Bean

Currently, the 'view the data' component policy is too tightly coupled with 
Provenance queries. The 'query provenance' policy should be the only policy 
required for viewing Provenance query results. Both 'view the component' and 
'view the data' policies should be used to refine the appropriate visibility of 
event details - but not the event itself.

1) Component Visibility
The authorization of Provenance events is inconsistent with the behavior of the 
graph. For example, if a user does not have 'view the component' policy, the 
graph shows this component as a "black box" (no details such as name, UUID, 
etc.) However, when querying Provenance, this component will show up including 
the Component Type and the Component Name. This is in effect a violation of the 
policy. These component details should be obscured in the Provenance event 
displayed if user does not have the appropriate 'view the component' policy.

2) Data Visibility
For a Provenance query, all events should be visible as long as the user 
performing the query belongs to the 'query provenance' global policy. As 
mentioned above, some information about the component may be obscured depending 
on 'view the component' policy, but the event itself should be visible. 
Additionally, details of the event (clicking the View Details "i" icon) should 
only be accessible if the user belongs to the 'view the data' policy for the 
affected component. If the user is not in the appropriate 'view the data' 
policy, a popup warning should be displayed indicating the reason details are 
not visible with more specific detail than the current "Contact the system 

3) Lineage Graphs
As with the Provenance table view recommendation above, the lineage graph 
should display all events. Currently, if the lineage graph includes an event 
belonging to a component which the user does not have 'view the data', it is 
shown on the graph as "UNKNOWN". As with Data Visibility mentioned above, the 
graph should indicate the event type as long as the user is in the 'view the 
component'. Subsequent "View Details" on the event should only be visible if 
the user is in the 'view the data' policy.

In summary, for Provenance query results and lineage graphs, all events should 
be shown. Component Name and Component Type information should be conditionally 
visible depending on the corresponding component policy 'view the component' 
policy. Event details including Provenance event type and FlowFile information 
should be conditionally available depending on the corresponding component 
policy 'view the data'. Inability to display event details should provide 
feedback to the user indicating the reason.

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