Github user MikeThomsen commented on the issue:
    @pvillard31 I found that a catch block was suppressing a critical problem 
with how I was handling the input flowfile. When I'd call `session.commit()` 
after a block of results were written to a flowfile, it would throw an 
exception because the input flowfile had not been transferred yet.
    So what I am going to do is redo this to make it configurable again. With 
the default behavior being only one single commit. Then users can choose a 
"streaming mode" where at the the first sign of success it transfers the input 
flowfile to REL_ORIGINAL. Then if an error happens, it would write a new 
flowfile with the same attributes and content as the original and send that 
cloned copy to the failure relationship. It may not be perfect, but I don't 
think NiFi has a way to do a partial commit which is what I'd need to make it 
work as-is.


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