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    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: 

    when i execute RunNiFi.main(),i get the issuse that Exception in thread 
"main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/slf4j/LoggerFactory.

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    This closes #2541
commit 6d08b471f4a115bfc21e3dc4ccda60f1667e0ae5
Author: joewitt <joewitt@...>
Date:   2016-12-14T20:01:04Z

    NIFI-3203 setting proper 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT version

commit aa54da1cf16725d32c6b43531e8195e862999d78
Author: Mark Payne <markap14@...>
Date:   2016-11-30T16:07:32Z

    NIFI-3129: When adding controller services to a snippet, ensure that we 
don't add the service multiple times, even when it's referenced by child 
process groups. This closes #1284

commit 620c00b6c75b1becc20a534ff4f5e75e60074c3e
Author: Mark Payne <markap14@...>
Date:   2016-12-12T13:25:51Z

    NIFI-3186: Fixed NPE that was overlooked
    Signed-off-by: Bryan Bende <>

commit 10f68103530c95e1d4a5396c84cb86bfbc5d1b89
Author: Matt Gilman <matt.c.gilman@...>
Date:   2016-11-29T19:04:57Z

    NIFI-3117: - Checking referenced services when performing an action with a 
snippet that requires it.
    - Updating the SnippetManager to automatically expire unused snippets.
    - Making the checking of referenced services consistent across component 
    - Adding checking of referenced services for all nested components in a 
    - Updating the REST API docs to clarify when a referenced service is 
    - Conditionally authorizing transitive service references.
    This closes #1277.
    Signed-off-by: Bryan Bende <>

commit 0d044dcff0df2b4c41e4ef402392b3c6258c21a5
Author: Matt Gilman <matt.c.gilman@...>
Date:   2016-11-30T18:24:31Z

    NIFI-3130: - Loading the temporary instance from the correct type of 
    This closes #1285.
    Signed-off-by: Bryan Bende <>

commit 482ce460c63d2c8a590e2554b2acce79bcf10e71
Author: Mark Payne <markap14@...>
Date:   2016-12-12T01:36:28Z

    NIFI-3173: When a template is created with multiple components in different 
groups all referencing the same controller service, ensure that controller 
service is added to the template at a high enough level that all components 
needing hte service can access it.
    - Ensure that controller services are added to child process groups when 
creating snippet
    - Addressed issue related to modifying higher-level process groups' 
controller services in snippet after having already visited the process group
    This closes #1318
    Signed-off-by: jpercivall <>

commit 582fd0ccd54e670357d2744ea8ef0bbc6d7256bf
Author: Matt Gilman <matt.c.gilman@...>
Date:   2016-12-01T19:54:40Z

    NIFI-3135: - Authorizing restricted components on snippet usage.
    - Updating REST API docs accordingly.
    - Adding some integration tests to exercise the additional restricted 
component checks.
    This closes #1287.
    Signed-off-by: Bryan Bende <>

commit b917e9be36b84bd21915ceb7a9bf103b5ee2787e
Author: Matt Gilman <matt.c.gilman@...>
Date:   2016-12-05T16:15:29Z

    NIFI-3133: - Ensuring that Remote Group Ports are always authorized 
according to their Remote Process Group.
    - Using getSourceAuthorizable() when accessing flow files and content.
    - Decouple local and remote connectable's to avoid ambiguity with self 
referencing RPGs.
    - Addressing comments from the PR.
    - Fixed check verifying source/destination when creating a connection.
    - Only showing the go to link when the source component is not a remote 
    - Removing unnecessary checking of remote group port authorization since 
it's handled by the parent RPG.
    - Fixing issue showing the connection details dialog when the source 
component is a RPG.
    - Ensuring the local connectable was found.
    This closes #1297
    Signed-off-by: jpercivall <>

commit 48246f1c1c4e0ad31bc239b88a1cb09eb43c102d
Author: Scott Aslan <scottyaslan@...>
Date:   2016-12-08T15:46:26Z

    [NIFI-3154] display ellipsis when text is sufficiently long in connection 
details and connection configuration dialogs. This closes #1305

commit 2f43ad3637d1997f7ebeadfe31720c65b039a725
Author: Wesley-Lawrence <wesleyll505@...>
Date:   2016-12-09T00:32:54Z

    NIFI-3175 Fix a bug in the ValidateCSV processor to handle empty CSV columns
    This closes #1311.

commit 8e3c4eb9a4246346f9b29b40933e3b7da556eb2c
Author: Matt Burgess <mattyb149@...>
Date:   2016-12-13T21:26:32Z

    NIFI-3194: Fixed error handling in PutElasticsearchHttp
    Thise closes #1327
    Signed-off-by: jpercivall <>

commit ed202b6d2a8a597e46836a5a9ae04a6fe71c8056
Author: Andrew Lim <andrewlim.apache@...>
Date:   2016-12-09T17:51:38Z

    NIFI-3178 Corrected missing Operate Palette button images in User Admin 
    This closes #1314.
    Signed-off-by: Bryan Bende <>

commit 070776ebaef9b5c4a0632dd79fdf32617c879f40
Author: Mark Payne <markap14@...>
Date:   2016-12-05T19:30:57Z

    NIFI-3152: Ensure that we always close the IndexWriter when appropriate in 
SimpleIndexManager, even if an IOException is thrown when trying to commit the 
    This closes #1300.
    Signed-off-by: Bryan Bende <>

commit cd6ed211117c86e58d15933cecec81284043be8c
Author: jpercivall <jpercivall@...>
Date:   2016-12-04T17:44:07Z

    NIFI-3145 Rewriting double validation in NumberParsing
    Adding more tests to TestQuery
    NIFI-3145 Adding logic to handle lowercase hex values
    This closes #1296

commit a71d73b75cd803a08ac091ddbede0058fdc184cb
Author: Andrew Lim <andrewlim.apache@...>
Date:   2016-12-09T16:33:15Z

    NIFI-3090 Added new flow election cluster properties to Admin Guide 
property tables
    This closes #1313.
    Signed-off-by: Bryan Bende <>

commit 9153fca2172c7a8d9b97a2c848d6a0529f1ad13c
Author: Mark Payne <markap14@...>
Date:   2016-12-04T16:43:41Z

    NIFI-3071: Deprecated InputStreams & OutputStream sin package in favor of using their Java counterparts

commit 986e716091ade2dec29de579f8be4aa4df0efc4c
Author: Mark Payne <markap14@...>
Date:   2016-12-12T20:23:40Z

    NIFI-3188: Added unit test to test corner cases
    This closes #1321.
    Signed-off-by: Koji Kawamura <>

commit e80ad9539cb070843f77a20b045633c9ad424566
Author: Andy LoPresto <alopresto@...>
Date:   2017-02-02T05:32:35Z

    Refactored user identity parsing and proxied entity chain formatting.
    Added unit tests.
    Signed-off-by: Andy LoPresto <>

commit 744cfe6b6314bd91ec132a3ad49e1a357186c42e
Author: Andy LoPresto <alopresto@...>
Date:   2017-02-15T19:29:04Z

    Added new Code Signing Key to KEYS.



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