Github user phrocker commented on the issue:
    I've been thinking more about this @minifirocks . I'm curious about the 
inception of this idea. I see that there is coupling amongst components that 
probably don't have a need to know for the metadata. In my opinion if you are 
putting the information in the attributes then it is potentially removable 
anyway, so why not use a Processor? If it's an immutable structure within the 
flow file then it makes sense to do it at construction -- and not in the 
    Further, any reason to use shared pointers for much of that meta 
information? Ownership seems like it would be well defined and thus should be 
coupled to the lifetime of that object. Move semantics (IMO) make more sense 
with that type of component lifetime, further compounded by the fact that they 
could be immutable. 


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