Github user ijokarumawak commented on the issue:
    @patricker Thanks for the update, and sorry for my delayed response. I just 
got the chance to review this today.
    This has a conflict with #2504 . I can fix compilation level conflict by 
removing AbstractDatabaseProcessor.onPropertyModified which has been deleted by 
    However, It seems that we need to update other places, too. I encountered 
few unit test failures at 
    [ERROR]   TestGenerateTableFetch.testAddedRows:202 expected:<4> but was:<0>
    [ERROR]   TestGenerateTableFetch.testAddedRowsRightBounded:402 expected:<4> 
but was:<0>
    [ERROR]   TestGenerateTableFetch.testAddedRowsTwoTables:276 expected:<1> 
but was:<0>
    [ERROR]   TestGenerateTableFetch.testAddedRowsWithCustomWhereClause:1112 
expected:<5> but was:<0>
    [ERROR]   TestGenerateTableFetch.testMultipleColumnTypeMissing:1250 
expected:<1> but was:<0>
    I'll continue looking at these test failures. It'd be appreciated if you 
can rebase the PR with the latest master and see how we can fix those, too. 


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