Github user ijokarumawak commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -103,8 +104,24 @@ private boolean isYielded() {
             return connectable.getYieldExpiration() > 
    +    /**
    +     * Make sure processor has work to do. This means that it meets one of 
these criteria:
    +     * <ol>
    +     * <li>It is annotated with @TriggerWhenEmpty</li>
    +     * <li>It has no incoming connections</li>
    +     * <li>All incoming connections are self-loops</li>
    +     * <li>It has data in an incoming Connection
    +     *     AND It is not a Funnel without outgoing connections
    +     * </li>
    +     * </ol>
    +     * @return true if there is work to do, otherwise false
    +     */
         private boolean isWorkToDo() {
    -        return connectable.isTriggerWhenEmpty() || 
!connectable.hasIncomingConnection() || !hasNonLoopConnection || 
    +        return connectable.isTriggerWhenEmpty()
    +                || !connectable.hasIncomingConnection()
    +                || !hasNonLoopConnection
    +                || (Connectables.flowFilesQueued(connectable)
    --- End diff --
    @markap14 Thank you for testing.
    I understand what went wrong. I tested with an existing flow including 
Funnel which had an incoming connection from GenerateFlowFile already. Since 
Funnels are not stopped/scheduled, the `hasNonLoopConnection` field only gets 
populated when the Funnel is added. 
    `hasNonLoopConnection` becomes `false` for a newly created Funnels, and 
stays false even incoming connections are added later. ConnectableTasks for 
other components than Funnel can be recreated when the component is 
re-scheduled, however, those components should also NOT cache 
`hasNonLoopConnection` because NiFi allows new connections to be added while a 
component is running, without requiring stop/start.
    I will update the PR.


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