szaszm commented on a change in pull request #826:

File path: libminifi/test/rocksdb-tests/RepoTests.cpp
@@ -326,3 +326,82 @@ TEST_CASE("Test FlowFile Restore", "[TestFFR6]") {
+TEST_CASE("Flush deleted flowfiles before shutdown", "[TestFFR7]") {
+  using ConnectionMap = std::map<std::string, 
+  class TestFlowFileRepository: public core::repository::FlowFileRepository{
+   public:
+    explicit TestFlowFileRepository(const std::string& name)
+        : core::SerializableComponent(name),
+          FlowFileRepository(name, FLOWFILE_REPOSITORY_DIRECTORY, 
+                             MAX_FLOWFILE_REPOSITORY_STORAGE_SIZE, 1) {}
+    void flush() override {
+      FlowFileRepository::flush();
+      if (onFlush_) {
+        onFlush_();
+      }
+    }
+    std::function<void()> onFlush_;
+  };
+  TestController testController;
+  char format[] = "/tmp/testRepo.XXXXXX";

Review comment:
       1. I don't think we have a clear list. I think we just aim for a large 
GNU/Linux coverage.
   2. Not sure if it's the second best place. Normally we clean up temporary 
directories, but this doesn't happen when tests crash, so there may be 
leftovers in some rare situations. In a discussion around the time of fixing 
the referred bug, we considered disabling direct IO, but that would mean we 
don't test the same behavior that we are running, so going for a different 
directory seemed to be the better approach.

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