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(In reply to jolatt from comment #11)
> I tried (only with writer):
> Apache_OpenOffice_4.2.0_Linux_x86-64_install-deb_en-US_2016-05-
> 03_03_38_55_1742057 and 4.1.2 en-US full installation. Both without crash.
> 4.1.2 en-US full installation with German langpack crashed with German UI,
> with English UI no crash. Same behavior with 4.1.2_de full installation with
> en-US langpack.
> BS: Ubuntu 16.04

I can confirm, that AOO 4.1.2 (en-GB) does crash on Ubuntu 16.04.1, when the
german language pack is installed and the user interface is set to german.
When switching back the user interface to english (UK) the crash does not

As indicated in comment #29, crashes do occur also with french language pack.

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