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Open Office 4.1.2 (office) on Windows 10 64x

What text file the original post used for Gujarati, therefore I don't know if
my text file (tested 2 different font files for the same language) matches that
of the original bug. The text files I used are attached.

What the language settings were so I tried two combinations of:
English, Gujarati
English, no Gujarati
To find languages, Tools->Language->('all text' was used of options

In the office version of the original post, there was an extension 'gxliterate'
that has unknown compatibility with office 4 and above as of now. I didn't need
to download this extension (although attempted before downloading text files
and font wasn't an option) however research leads me to believe that the
extension generates a button on the tool bar labeled 'gx' which wasn't
appearing on my version. I'm not sure if this was used on the original post but
it seemed to be the way to have the font in previous versions appear/translate
while typing between languages. File is available for download, search Gujarati
on the available extensions online. 

I opened and reloaded the open office writer document 20-25 times total (about
10 each combination) and never had missing text. For every test, the same exact
text/files were used and I had 'The dog is black' followed by layers of the
same phrase; both written with the Gujarati font previously selected and
converting English characters to Gujarati (using both text files which I named
differently to be able to install). 

Further investigation:
Test with different colors on the characters or font sizes

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