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I was able to reproduce this issue based on the information provdided in the
comment by

Steps to Reproduce
1. Create a new writer document
2. Enter the following words with a space between each word.
    One Two Three Four

3. Select the first word 'One' by double-clicking on the word with your moust
or touchpad and the hold down CTRL
4. While still holding down CTRL double-click the other three words in sequence
(i.e. one after the other)
5. Without deselecting the already selected 4 words hit CTRL-C and CTRL-V or
equivalent for your platform.
--> As a result the following will be pasted over the original.
OneTwoThreeFour OneTwoThreeFour OneTwoThreeFour OneTwoThreeFourOneTwoThreeFour

Basically for each selection that you originally made (in this case four) you
will get 4 Versions of what you selected where the last word is doubled.
This can happen starting with at least two word selections as described above.

Here are some examples.
One Two --> OneTwo OneTwoOneTwo 
One Two Three --> OneTwoThree OneTwoThree OneTwoThreeOneTwoThree
One Two Three Four --> OneTwoThreeFour OneTwoThreeFour OneTwoThreeFour

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