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By changing the steps a bit we get a slightly different outcome:

1. Create new document
2. Create a list of three with numbering on
3. Remove the numbering in the second listitem (X) by clicking 'Numbering
5. Afterwards add new listitems (Y, Z) after the listitem (X) and use a
different numbering symbol, for example bullet points. 
6. Export PDF with Range selection
7. Export PDF with Range All

In the PDF with range All the list fits with the one in the original .odt file.
In the PDF with range Selection the listitem (X) is shown with numbering on
(although that was removed before) and the list is missing the bullet points
and the intendation of those.

Expected results:
Both PDF files look the same as the original .odt file.

Added my prepared .odt file as an attachment (Example1.odt)

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