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PS: Since the use of passwords to prevent editing (but not reading) involves
weak protections that can be overcome by a malicious party, what can be done to
deal with the prospect of alteration.

An available approach is to digitally-sign any such document so that if there
are alterations, the signature will either be removed or fail to verify.  The
signature also demonstrates the authenticity of the document that is provided
to recipients.

I don't know how that works for PDFs, but digital signatures will work for
OpenOffice Calc and Writer documents.  Any mechanism for signing PDFs is
probably something that Adobe provides.  I don't believe there is any provision
in OpenOffice for successfully signing non-ODF documents.

It is necessary to obtain a public-key certificate to do this.  There are free
ones available for users on Microsoft Windows.  There are other arrangements
for other platforms.

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