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Thank you for the reply , i know it's outdated but that's not the problem.
The Issue is how macro handles the saving trough https/webdav , Anyway i tried
but it doesnt work.

I found a way for handling authentication with 
"" and


Sub SaveFile

Dim Doc As Object
        Dim     Url As  String
        Dim oihandler 
    oihandler = CreateUnoListener("InteractionHandler_",
        Dim FileProp(1) As New     

        Url = "";
        Url = ConvertToUrl(Url)
        FileProp(0).Name = "Overwrite"
        FileProp(0).Value = True
        FileProp(1).Name = "InteractionHandler"
        FileProp(1).Value = oihandler
        Doc = Stardesktop.CurrentComponent
        Doc.storeAsURL(Url, FileProp())
End Sub

Sub InteractionHandler_handle(req)
  r = req.getRequest()
  If CheckExceptionType(r, "") Then
    conts = req.getContinuations()   
    for i = 0 to ubound(conts) step 1
      cont = conts(i)
      If HasUnoInterfaces(cont,
"") Then          
        Exit For         
      End If
    Next i      
  End If
End Sub

So the problem here is to understand if i can use a certificate for client
Authentication combined with the password supplied by the the user.

Is there any exhaustive documentation on this interfaces ?

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