rabbah commented on a change in pull request #4624: Combines active ack and 
slot release when both are available.
URL: https://github.com/apache/openwhisk/pull/4624#discussion_r325227333

 File path: 
 @@ -112,49 +119,51 @@ object CompletionMessage extends DefaultJsonProtocol {
 case class ResultMessage(override val transid: TransactionId, response: 
Either[ActivationId, WhiskActivation])
     extends AcknowledegmentMessage(transid) {
-  override def toString = {
-    response.fold(l => l, r => r.activationId).asString
-  }
+  override def toJson: JsValue = ResultMessage.serdes.write(this)
+  override def toString = response.fold(identity, _.activationId).asString
-object ResultMessage extends DefaultJsonProtocol {
-  implicit def eitherResponse =
-    new JsonFormat[Either[ActivationId, WhiskActivation]] {
-      def write(either: Either[ActivationId, WhiskActivation]) = either match {
-        case Right(a) => a.toJson
-        case Left(b)  => b.toJson
-      }
+object ActivationMessage extends DefaultJsonProtocol {
+  def parse(msg: String) = Try(serdes.read(msg.parseJson))
-      def read(value: JsValue) = value match {
-        // per the ActivationId's serializer, it is guaranteed to be a String 
even if it only consists of digits
-        case _: JsString => Left(value.convertTo[ActivationId])
-        case _: JsObject => Right(value.convertTo[WhiskActivation])
-        case _           => deserializationError("could not read 
-      }
-    }
+  private implicit val fqnSerdes = FullyQualifiedEntityName.serdes
+  implicit val serdes = jsonFormat11(ActivationMessage.apply)
 Review comment:
   Are you referring to the Objects? I found the interleaving problematic and 
found unnecessary duplication (which I removed in this patch). I suspect the 
duplication was caused by not actually seeing that the code was very similar 
because of intervening functions. Now the objects are much more compact. So I 
like the current flow better of cases classes, then the singletons.
   If you change the type of the activation message into something incompatible 
the code will not compile. `jsonFormatN` is an auto generated serdes and so if 
the compiler doesn't know what to do, it will complain.

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