chetanmeh commented on a change in pull request #4624: Combines active ack and 
slot release when both are available.

 File path: 
 @@ -54,9 +54,10 @@ object InvokerReactive extends InvokerProvider {
    * @param Boolean is true iff the activation was a blocking request
    * @param ControllerInstanceId the originating controller/loadbalancer id
    * @param UUID is the UUID for the namespace owning the activation
-   * @param Boolean is true this is resource free message and false if this is 
a result forwarding message
+   * @param AcknowledegmentMessage the acknowledgement message to send
-  type ActiveAck = (TransactionId, WhiskActivation, Boolean, 
ControllerInstanceId, UUID, Boolean) => Future[Any]
+  type ActiveAck =
 Review comment:
   Minor observation (or Rant!) - I  always struggle in IDE whenever I want to 
see impl of parameters which are specified as function signature instead of 
trait (like in `ActiveAck`). Here things are bit simpler as we specify a `type` 
alias which narrows down the search. Otherwise one need to check the whole call 
hierarchy to understand where is. the actual impl
    Having a trait enables easier checking of possible implementations to 
understand the code flow. This is pre existing stuff ... but may be later we 
refactor it and use a proper trait for such critical flows

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